Landscape Design & Build


At DalaCasa, we bring your landscaping ideas to life with innovative design concepts and the expert installation of trees, shrubs, hardscapes, boulders, beds, and other design elements. We’ll collaborate to ensure every angle of your property is working cohesively toward one elegant finish. We can even include irrigation and lighting solutions in your design to achieve the comprehensive look and feel you’re after.

Our Process

Landscaping projects can vary greatly in terms of size and scope.
We are happy to meet your needs on any scale.

Step One
A member of our landscape design team will meet with you to discuss your ideas, goals, and budget. Once we thoroughly understand what you want, we’ll create your proposal.
Step Two

During your proposal review, we can discuss and make changes. Then, once you’re 100% happy, we’ll get your authorization and put the execution wheels in motion.

Step Three

We’ll set a convenient date and time to complete the work, and keep you informed throughout the project. There will be no surprises.

* Please note that inclement weather or changes made during the project (yes, we allow those!) could alter timelines. However, please know that we won’t move on or divert our attention from your project until it’s finished.

Step Four

Completion and clean up. Once that’s done, we’ll walk your property to explain what we did in detail.