Irrigation Installation & Service

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If you live in North Carolina, you need a plan to hydrate your yard effectively, especially during the growing season and the scorching summer months. Manual watering with sprinklers is inefficient, and spot watering takes a lot of time. That’s why, for most DalaCasa homeowners, a programmable irrigation system is the obvious solution.

Over 700 Systems Installed, and Counting

If you already have an irrigation system, we discuss our service and repair options below. However, if you’re thinking about installation, it’s important to know that not all irrigation systems or irrigation installers are the same. In fact, far from it.

At DalaCasa, we take extra care to keep your irrigation system working effectively. We begin every installation with a designed layout so that valves and sprinklers are purposefully located. Underground, we use flexible poly piping (instead of inferior pvc pipe like most companies.) And our sprinkler heads are pressure regulated and equipped with check valves, which make them far above industry standards.

Our attention to detail and commitment to premium materials provides you with a superior irrigation system – one that will serve your needs and save you money over the long term.

If you’re interested in a new irrigation system, here are questions to ask potential installers:

  • What brand of products do you install?
  • What is the warranty?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What kind of pipe do you install?
  • Where are the valves going?
  • What type of lawn sprinklers are you installing?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Is your company a licensed irrigation contractor?



Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

We believe scheduled maintenance is the key to an optimized irrigation system. Making sure your system starts up properly in the spring is critical, along with planned evaluations as the weather turns to keep everything running smoothly.

Irrigation systems are sensitive, and since most activity occurs underground, detecting problems early can be tricky. That said, if an issue arises, our licensed irrigation technicians will do the following:

  • Diagnose the issue
  • Explain the problem and recommend a solution
  • Provide an estimate for the repairs
  • After approval, fix all issues and get your system running


We offer two irrigation service programs. Both ensure you’re getting the best from your system through all four Carolina seasons:

DalaCasa Irrigation Repair