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Going Beneath the Surface

In this part of the Carolinas, the soil is primarily comprised of clay, which compacts easily. Unfortunately, the denseness of this compacted clay limits the flow of oxygen and water underneath your lawn and negatively impacts the root system. In response, we core aerate to loosen compacted soil, allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients easier access.

We schedule our core aerating and seeding in early fall, during the peak growing season. Once we create tiny holes in the soil with our aerator, we apply seed to spark growth, particularly in thin or bare areas.

Note: Aeration and Seeding is an exclusive add-on service for our Yard Maintenance and Lawn Fertilization customers. Sign up for either program to include this service in your ideal landscaping package.

Note: Aeration and seeding is an exclusive add-on service for our Yard Maintenance and Lawn Fertilization customers. Sign up for either program to include this service in your ideal landscaping package.

The graphic below gives you an idea of why this annual service is so vital to the long-term health of your lawn:



Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait to mow?

You should wait at least 1-2 weeks to mow following aeration and overseeding. Make sure the area to be mowed is dry and firm enough so that the weight of the mower does not rut the newly seeded area or leave excessive grass clumps that could smother the new grass. Make sure the mower blades are sharp to avoid tearing the new, tender grass shoots.

Will you flag my sprinkler heads?

Yes. If your controller is located on the outside of the house, we will locate your sprinkler heads. If the controller is located on the inside of the home, we do not have access and you will need to flag the sprinkler heads prior to your scheduled service.

I have an underground dog fence.
Will aeration cut the wire?

If the wire is incorrectly located, aeration could cut or damage the wire. We need to know ahead of time that you have an underground dog fence. An underground dog fence must be located and marked by you or the company that installed the system prior to aeration.

How much should I water my lawn after you seed?

Since every irrigation system is different, we want you to check it daily to make sure the seed is only moist. There should be no puddling or dry areas. If you start to see puddling or it is too wet to walk on, turn back the irrigation. If the seed is dry, turn up the irrigation. You should water for 10-14 days after seeding for the seed to germinate. It’s crucial to check daily for optimum results.

A huge storm came through after service. Now what?

Please give us a call to schedule a touch-up service. We cannot warranty against acts of God but we can repair the areas that do not germinate due to washout. It will be a minor cost compared to your full aeration and overseeding service.

All my seed germinated and it all died. What happened?

All depending on the weather and temperatures, disease can set in and kill young seedlings within a few days. If night time temperatures are above average, contact us to inquire about an additional fungicide application.

Some spots did not germinate. Will you be back to fix?

If you have some areas that are still thin, please contact us with photos and we can schedule a touch-up service for a minimal additional cost.

My lighting does not work after aeration and overseeding services were performed. Will you fix it?

Yes. We do have the ability to repair the landscape lighting, however, the reason the wire was cut is because it was installed incorrectly. We will charge for the repair since the wire was installed less than 6″ deep.