Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

The crew did not show up today on my scheduled day of service.

There are days when we run behind due to the weather. Our services rely on good weather to work. Sometimes the rain puts us behind a day but we will be there the following day to perform services. Email reminders will be sent out to alert our clients when we have a rain day. For example: if it rains on Tuesday and your scheduled day is Friday, we will perform services on Saturday.

Can I cancel my visit this week if I don't need it?

You can cancel your visit this week but we will charge 50% of your weekly visit price. The amount of time spent on your property each week will vary based on weather and seasons. Your price is based on the average time spent per year. Every property has a reserved time slot that is guaranteed which is why we do not support skipping properties.

Will I be in a contract?

No, we do not believe you should be locked into a contract. We work extremely hard to make sure your property looks its best at all times. If you are not happy with our service, you are welcome to cancel at any time. However, we are always here to make it right.

How will I be charged?

We process credit cards weekly. If we completed a grounds maintenance service this week, the following week your credit card will be charged for the service. You will receive a notification the day before we process your credit card. We are PCI compliant and do not store your credit card. It is tokenized with our processor after you enter it in when signing up for services.

How do you know they serviced my yard?

We monitor our crews by a mobile device that they carry making sure they are at the correct property. Our crews provide start and stop times along with notes and photos of your property. We also have GPS in every vehicle.

Lawn Care Questions

What if my lawn or property is overgrown?
If your lawn height is above normal or if your property is beyond weekly maintenance we can estimate a one-time cleanup. A cleanup will consist of cleaning out your planting beds, removing weeds, spraying herbicide, and mowing the lawn to its correct height. When the cleanup is complete, your property will now be ready for weekly maintenance.
Will you come on the same day every week?
Every customer has a day that we use for scheduling and we work hard to maintain that day of the week for consistency. However, weather delays and time of season will fluctuate this day from time to time. As we add additional crews to our service area, you may be moved to a different day of the week.
Is it normal for my lawn to change colors when turf care products are applied?
At different times of the year, we spray different products. Turf is sensitive to temperature and seasons. In the fall we spray a weed control that turns weeds and tender grass white. This is normal and will go away within two weeks.
You sprayed for weeds but I still see a few.
There are many different kinds of weeds. Some weeds can only be treated when temperatures cool down. We use the appropriate herbicides to control all weeds when we can.
What if I just seeded my lawn?
Our crews are trained to not damage new seedlings when servicing the property. They will omit mowing that week and service the planting beds and other areas of the property.
Will you close the gate?
Our crews are trained to close the gate every time at your property. It is our number one priority before closing out your job.
What if my lawn does not need to be mowed?

Our grounds maintenance program will maintain the plant beds, weeds, pick up sticks and debris, and keep your property looking good even when it doesn’t need to be mowed. Keeping the lawn clean and preventing leaf buildup during the winter months. It is a year-round program. If you decide to cancel in the fall and would like to start back up in the spring, there will most likely be a one-time cleanup fee.

Will the lawn maintenance crew trim my shrubs?

No, our grounds maintenance crews are not set up for shrub trimming. We have crews set up specifically for shrub trimming that are highly trained and have all the equipment needed for this service. Shrub trimming is an add-on service.

Can Bermuda grass get into my lawn from your lawnmowers?

No, our mowers will not introduce Bermuda grass into your fescue or zoysia lawn. If Bermuda grass establishes itself from other sources, we can work with you on a removal program.

Do you sharpen your blades?
Yes, our crews change blades daily. Sharp blades provide a nice clean cut without ripping the leaf blades of your lawn.

Landscaping & Irrigation Questions

You just installed my landscape. How often should I water?

Watering is very important! As soon as we finish your installation, we recommend watering daily for at least 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can begin to space out watering to twice a week. Always check the soil with your fingers under the plant to make sure the soil is moist. When watering, it is important that you don’t just spray with a hose. You will need to use the hose and water thoroughly. Sometimes 2-10 minutes per plant/tree.

I need someone to set up my irrigation controller. Do you do that?

Yes, DalaCasa will send over a professional to set up your irrigation controller if you are not familiar or comfortable using it. However, there is a charge for this service. We recommend that you view our training videos that will show you how to use your irrigation controller. We feel that it is very important for you to become familiar with your system. The settings on the irrigation controller will need to be adjusted based on the season and weather multiple times per year.

I signed up for irrigation winterization but it was not done. Why?

The service was not completed because you do not have a winterization port. A winterization port is a small fitting designed to allow us to connect a compressor to the irrigation system. The port must be between the water meter and the back-flow. This allows us to get all of the water out of the back-flow to prevent freezing. If we do not find a winterization port, we will contact you and send an estimate to have one installed.