Sprinkler Repair and Service

When your irrigation system is not working properly it can be a real hassle. Watering your lawn and plants during the growing season is vital to the health of your landscaping and it becomes very irritating when your irrigation is not up and running properly.  How do you know whats wrong?  Its all underground!  Other companies can mislead you and misdiagnose problems with your irrigation system, charging astronomical fees.  Here at DalaCasa, we are the professionals when it comes to your irrigation needs.  Our licensed certified Irrigation technicians understand your concerns.  We will:

  • Diagnose the issues with your irrigation system.
  • Discuss with you in detail repairs that need to be made.
  • Estimate approximately what it will cost for repairs.
  • Upon your approval, we will fix all issues and get your irrigation system up running!

Irrigation Installation

If you are looking to have a irrigation system installed, there are some questions you should ask:

  • What brand of products do you install?
  • What is the warranty?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What kind of pipe do you install?
  • Where are the valves going?
  • What kind of Lawn sprinklers are you installing?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Is your company a licensed irrigation contractor?  We are!

Here at DalaCasa, we have installed over 700 irrigation systems.  Our Irrigation Systems begin with quality and reliable products.  From the start, we have our designers build a layout of the irrigation system.  From here, we have your utilities located to prevent any damage to cable, phone, and power lines.  We then start installing poly piping to each sprinkler head.  We use poly piping because it is flexible and does not require trenching, which severely damages the lawn and could result in additional costs.  Other companies install pvc pipe, it is less expensive to install but more costly to service in the future.  The trenches also settle requiring lawn repair down the road.

The process entails installing poly piping which are feed by electric valves.  Other companies install valves haphazardly,  with no configuration; making it hard to troubleshoot and service in the future.  Our valves are centrally located  making them very easily accessible to be serviced.

The sprinkler heads we install are equipped with check valves, which ensures that there is no water leaking after valve closure.  They also are pressure regulated.  Most other companies do not install these types of sophisticated heads.

Do you live on the lake?  If so, we install optimum hassle free pumps.  The pumps we install have brass impellers, unlike other companies that install the ones with plastic impellers.  We also install stainless steel filters and pressure relief valves on our pumps.  This provides an effortless operation and prevents the system from any unnecessary repairs.

Our systems take time to install.  We know that it is an investment for your property.  That is why we do it right, and do it right the first time.  We guarantee our installation for years to come.

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What we do
  • Set Irrigation timers up the correct way using different programs for each plant type.  Ask about our new Wifi Controllers!
  • Create greener, healthier Turf though our watering schedules
  • See how we can help save you water on your water bill
  • Periodic Maintenance & Inspection Programs – Complete System Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Insured For Your Protection
What we will never do
  • Use gereric grade irrigation parts
  • Send inexperienced Technicians
  • Miss appointments
  • Sell you something that you do not need
  • Fail to honor our warranty
  • Perform unnecessary digging – we use sophisticated equipment to keep digging to minimum
  • Bill you for drive time.
  • Violate any codes or laws

Specific Irrigation Services Offered

  • Irrigation Diagnostics
  • Valve Repair & Replacement
  • Zone & Pipe Re-routes
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Wire Breaks
  • Broken Head Replacement
  • Water Audit & Water Conservation
  • Eliminate Dry Spots in the Lawn
  • Replace Broken Pop-up or Rotors
  • Reprogram Your Timer
  • Pressure Reducing Heads & Valves
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Valve Location (generally without digging)
  • Controller Repair & Replacement
  • Rain & Freeze Sensors
  • Adjustments for New Landscapes
  • Wifi Controllers
  • Location and Repair Shorts
  • Sprinkler Head Adjustment
  • Fix Stuck Valves
  • Adjust Watering for Color Beds
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Eliminate Constant Wet Spots
  • Adjust Sprinklers To Stop Watering Concrete
  • Repair Any Brand of Sprinkler System
  • New Sprinkler System Install
  • Weather Station, Rain and Freeze Sensor

The Areas We Serve

DalaCasa provides sprinkler service to the following cities

Mooresville, NC

  • 28115 (east)
  • 28117 (west)

Huntersville, NC

  • 28078
  • 28070

Cornelius, NC

  • 28031

Davidson, NC

  • 28035
  • 28036

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • We are extremely happy with our new landscape by DalaCasa. Peter designed a very eye appealing look that enhances our new home. He spent time with us explaining about the plants he chose and also worked with us on the plant preferences we had. The installers worked diligently to expertly execute the plan. They were courteous and cleaned up the area above and beyond. Their customer service department is first class which is run by Maria. This has been a great experience and we have plans to continue with future landscaping projects. Thank you DalaCasa!

    Ken & Jeanette Donaldson
  • We have used DalaCasa Landscaping for a number of years and I can attest to the fact that they do outstanding work! It is always nice to receive compliments on our landscaping from neighbors and people who live outside our neighborhood who walk by our home. Everyone at DalaCasa Landscaping that we have encountered from the owners, office staff and the ground crews have been a joy to work with. I would highly recommend DalaCasa Landscaping to anyone in need of a landscaping company.

    Bobbie Honeycutt
  • Trimmed and shaped all of the bushes and did a fantastic job. They also do my lawn and it's never looked better!

    Bea Riley
  • My husband has maintained our yard for years. It’s always been beautiful, weed free and green until a couple of years ago when we began getting brown spots in it. No matter who he talked to, or what he put on it, they never seemed to really go away. He could keep it under control but that was all. One evening he decided to get on the internet to see if there were any new options for treatment and that’s when he found DalaCasa. After having a lengthy and informative conversation with them he decided we needed to give them a try. That was one of the BEST decisions we have ever made. Not only is our lawn greener, but after just one treatment the brown spots started to fade. By treatment two they were gone! Thanks Tony! We love DalaCasa!

    Sheri Boffa
  • We started working with DalaCasa 3 years ago when we first moved to The Point after researching a number of landscape and lawn maintenance operations. The work they have done to make our yard attractive from the curb, the landscaping they completed around our pool, the care and maintenance of all the plantings has been exceptional. They 'greened' up our lawn, help some struggling plantings back to vibrancy, and re-worked the irrigation system. All of their efforts significantly contributed to our success in selling our home in one day, the first weekend we placed in on the market. Quite remarkable and we are very appreciative of how responsive they have been to all of our requests and inquiries. The money we invested with them and the service they provided was well worth it.

    Doug London
  • My lawn is 2.5 years old, started from seed alone. DalaCasa has been maintaining the fertilization and weed control for 2 years. A few months ago, a gentleman delivering sod to a nearby new home construction site remained in disbelief while viewing my lawn and being informed it was not sod. They do a great job!

    John Raus

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