Winter Pruning

As the cool temperatures set in, our crews will be out pruning for winter.  Our winter pruning services include:

  • Crape myrtlesPruning Crape Myrtles in the Landscape
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Roses
  • Ground-covers
  • Daylily’s

Winter pruning greatly enhances flower production.  We do not chop down Crape Myrtles!  Our pruning crews are trained for best pruning practices by NC.  Crape Myrtles are pruned and thinned out.  We remove any crossing branches, and branches that can cause problems in the future.  Trees will be much stronger and produce more flowers in the summer months.  We start this process every January.

Please let us know Asap if you have any special requests for our pruning specialists. 

Please note:  This pertains to full service clients that are under contract.

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