DalaCasa is different than most lawn care companies because we are professionals at what we do and take pride in our work.

A lot of the other so called lawn care companies are only interested in running a mower over your lawn and taking your money, but they do not truly understand the work they are doing, and therefore will overlook some of the simplest things, like adjusting the height of their mower decks based on the season, as well as the surface of your lawn.

Improper deck height can lead to scalping, where the deck and blade are too low, resulting in your grass being cut too short. Scalping a lawn exposes the lower turf area leaving it susceptible to disease, parasites, weeds, and death. So you see, even something as simple as proper deck height can be very important to your lawn, and is often overlooked by unprofessional lawn care individuals.

Our teams sharpen blades daily.  This is a must.  Dull blades can rip the grass and encourage turf disease.

We close gates!.  Our teams have checklists for each property.

We have our own Irrigation techs.  If we damage a sprinkler head, we can fix it.  We don’t sub out our irrigation work.

We have our own Spray techs.  All of our fertilizers are custom made for us only.  Ant mound treatments are free.  Our spray techs are NC Licensed Pesticide Applicators.  We see other lawn care companies having their mowing crews apply fertilizers and weed control.  They have no idea what they are even applying..

We offer a guarantee!  No other companies offer a guarantee on lawn care.  If it is not done to your satisfaction we will fix it.  If we can’t fix it, we will have a company of your choice fix it.  We stand by our work 100%.

Weekly Team training!  Our teams deliver a higher quality of work.  Why? because we are constantly training them on new techniques, new products, etc.

Clean Trucks!  Our fleet is cleaned weekly.  All of our equipment and vehicles are maintained and upgraded on a regular basis.

Accurate measurements.  We measure everything…  Most companies ball park quantity of mulch, pine needles, stone, fertilizer, etc..  We measure to create a accurate proposal.

In house customer service department.  Each and every call, email, or discussion is logged.  Everyone stays in the loop.

Client portal.  Our clients can go online and see their tickets, calls, invoices, payments, etc.  Log a ticket or make a note for our team on your upcoming service.

This is just one of the many ways that DalaCasa is a different kind of lawn care and landscape company.

Call us today at 704-248-6294 to find out what we can do for your lawn.

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