1. Do you charge extra to kill grassy weeds (Crab grass, Dallis grass, Johnson grass)?  Do you charge extra to kill Nutgrass?  Exactly which weeds are not included in the price you quoted me?  DalaCasa quotes one price for everything.  We do not play games.  The price we quote includes every possible weed that may appear in your lawn.

2. Does your service include FREE ant treatments?  DalaCasa spot treats visible ant mounds for FREE every time we treat your lawn.

3. Do you guarantee a maximum number of paid treatments without trying to sell me something else to solve my problem?  If so, how many?  DalaCasa guarantees a maximum of 7 applications… anything more is at our expense.

4. Do you coordinate the mowing around each fertilization, weed, ant, aeration and per-emergent application?  DalaCasa times each application around your mowing schedule.  This is critical.

5. Do you outsource your fertilization and weed control treatments to another company?  DalaCasa staff provides each treatment.  We do not outsource any service to another company.  This is important to maintain quality standards, insurance requirements and the safety of your property and family.  Likewise, outsourced services are difficult to coordinate with the mowing schedule.

6. What is the quality of fertilizer your using?  We have our fertilizer made special for our clients.  We don’t use the same products other companies use.  Our products cost more, but the results speak for themselves.

7. Are your technicians licensed with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture?  This is a must.  Specifically verify that the license is a North Carolina Pesticide Applicators License.

8. Does your company carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability insurance to protect me in the event of damage?  If not, your homeowner’s policy is at risk.

9. Do you sharpen lawn mower blades every day?  DalaCasa has each team sharpen blades every night!  Sharp blades are key.  Dull blades can weaken turf ripping the grass.

10. Do you close gates?  Our checklists for each property include making sure gates are always closed when finished.

11. Do you have an irrigation technician on staff?  DalaCasa has our own irrigation techs.  We do not sub out any irrigation work.  We will stand behind our work.  If we break a irrigation head, we will fix it!

Call us today at 704-248-6294 and see if DalaCasa Landscaping and Designs is the right service provider for you!

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